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The age-old notion of marketing through pushy, invasive advertisements has taken a back seat. Efficient marketers, both B2B and B2C, know that customers today are looking for more than just good products. They’re looking for information and guidance. They’re looking to build a relationship with the brands they purchase from. And if your marketing efforts aren’t directed towards helping your audience, then your company might never realize its full potential. The best way to build a lasting relationship with your audience is through content. In fact, a study revealed that 78% of consumers will trust a brand that creates custom, engaging content regularly more than any other competitor with no content online.

If you’re a small business that not only wants to pull in audiences but also retain them, then affordable content writing services are your best bet. DemandMetric conducted a study wherein they talked about how content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods while simultaneously generating 3 times more leads. If you’re still unconvinced then here are three solid reasons why your company needs to invest in content today.

Affordable content writing services can help your brand reach a wider audience

The internet is a noisy space. It’s filled with a multitude of brands going neck to neck with each other, hoping for a slice of the pie. And 78% of top CMOs believe that content is the only way to come out on top. With more than 4.6 billion Internet users worldwide, carving your own space online is a lucrative way to turn your company’s fortunes without breaking the bank.

While digital ads can bring in initial success, a sound content strategy based on consistency, creativity, and audience needs can create long term value for your brand. Hard to believe? Look at this! A survey by Dragon Search Marketing showed that 61% of all buyers’ decisions are influenced by content online. Simply put, if you’re not putting out regular content to engage your audience, you’re going to lose out to other opportunistic marketers that know the importance of content.

The best SEO strategy is to create the right content consistently

Another aspect of written content is how it influences SEO to create favorable results online. If your website is underperforming, the reason could very easily be a lack of targeted content. Creating a mapped out content plan that targets the right strategic keywords while adding value to the audience’s lives can help you scale your website viewership. There are several documented examples of websites like HubSpot and Kissmetrics that used the right content to reach the right people while scaling their organization in the process.

Great SEO hinges on keywords, backlinks, CTR, and user experience. Affordable content writing services can help you generate quality backlinks for your blog, increase your CTR, and give users a fulfilling experience.

Content opens up multiple marketing channels

Content isn’t just limited to blogs. A truly omnichannel approach incorporates email newsletters, social media posts, technical papers, website content, case studies, and much more. By including content in your core marketing plan, you’re opening up your business to different marketing channels. Moreover, you can increase the touchpoints with your audience by showing them the right content at the right time. This reduces attrition by making your brand more memorable. It’s no wonder that effective marketers spend upwards of 39% of their marketing budgets on content.

By hiring affordable content writing services, you can ensure that your brand creates an organic online presence with guaranteed long term results without burning a deep hole in your pocket. After all, there has to be some truth to it when 58% of marketers believe that written content works better than visuals and videos.

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