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5 Genius Ways you can use Artificial Intelligence to Boost your Business’ Performance

Modern technological advancements such as developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have completely revolutionized opportunities for innovation and transformation.

Furthermore, these advancements are completely redefining the way that modern businesses manage their workload and future goals and objectives. The implementation of automation technology and intelligent AI-powered machines are set to completely transform the way B2B companies operate and interact with customers.

It has been proven that the use of AI in B2B companies can help them produce and provide better products and services, improve business processes and engage more customers through automated marketing. Studies show that companies are expected to have an average of 35 artificial intelligence projects in place by the year 2022.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Companies

Sales and Marketing

With the integration of artificial intelligence in the sales and marketing process, data from multiple different customer contact databases, social media accounts, and websites can be collected and analyzed to generate valuable insights. These insights can further improve both the quality and quantity of the generated prospective leads.

Artificial intelligence also removes a substantial amount of workload from your business’s sales representatives in terms of communicating with customers efficiently and accurately. Intelligent chatbots can be used to automatically generate responses to questions and concerns from customers using historical customer interaction experiences. Chatbots can also customize interactions using available customer data so that communication can be personalized, relevant, and timely.

Furthermore, your sales representatives will be able to better utilize the time they spend performing routine, time-consuming promotional tasks on more intellectually stimulating, higher-level business processes; which will increase your business’s efficiency and productivity.

Increase Quality Leads

Collecting and maintaining comprehensive customer data records is essential for generating quality sales leads. However, manually collecting, storing, and tracking this data can prove to be tedious and can lead to disastrous inaccuracies due to human error.

With the help of AI technology, B2B companies can capture and integrate data and information from multiple different sources such as customer contact databases, social media communication channels, and websites. When you integrate artificial intelligence into a B2B company’s sales and marketing processes, the quantity and quality of generated prospective leads increases.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

Artificial Intelligence technology has the power to optimize your website’s pre-existing and future content so that your website can rank higher on organic search engine results. AI can identify the most searched for keywords in your business’s particular industry, create backlinks, analyze industry and market trends and monitor competitor performance and insights.

It can further utilize existing databases to identify data patterns to aid in decision making and generating online content automatically and efficiently. Once a B2B company’s Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) has been improved using AI, website traffic volume and user engagement rates will increase. Artificial Intelligence can further help improve these metrics using automatically created user notifications and speed monitoring tools.

As artificial intelligence technology continues to evolve, B2B companies can expect to be able to use automation systems to generate personalized and specific content for each customer based on recorded transaction data; which will revitalize online user experiences.

Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence can also optimize a B2B company’s Human Resources tasks. In terms of potential employee recruitment, AI can inspect and examine job applications and credentials using a set of predetermined application criteria to determine if it fits the specific job description.

AI can also be used to generate valuable insights which can be used to analyze employee feedback and employee referrals. Therefore, the implementation of AI in a B2B company can be used to significantly improve e employee experiences.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Many promotional and marketing campaigns can end up being marked as spam in a customer’s inbox due to vague and impersonal communication. Studies have shown that 74% of a company’s customers feel frustrated when a website’s content is not personalized. However, with the help of AI technology, B2B companies will be able to create custom and tailored messages to provide a highly personalized customer experience.

Customer interactions can be optimized using known customer preferences and previous sales interaction behavior to automatically create dynamic and individualized messages.

Artificial Intelligence for B2B Companies

With current developments in AI technology, B2B companies have been able to revitalize and optimize their operations and management. There is a multitude of unparalleled practical uses of AI in B2B companies including enhancing the sales and marketing process, increasing the quality and quantity of prospective sales leads, optimizing your website’s SEO, automating Human Resources processes, and personalizing customer experiences.

Therefore, B2B companies should begin implementing AI in their day-to-day operations to gain a competitive advantage, obtain new sales opportunities, and boost revenue.