Do Not Miss Out On These Best Content Marketing Tools For Your Startup
February 11, 2021 BlogContent Marketing 0 Comment

Content Marketing can be a daunting activity, especially when you do not have the right set of resources. With digitization making this marketing strategy inevitable, it is high time you make the best use of various tools out there. Having said that, there are unlimited resources on the Internet. The filtering, a.k.a, the funneling process of choosing the best Content Marketing Tools is highly significant and indispensable.

This blog is curated to help you with the top-performing tools that can help you elevate your site’s traffic in the shortest possible time and achieve your end-results without any hassle. With nearly 75% of the marketers planning to enhance their Content Marketing investment, according to Curata’s survey, here is the list of the best tools, categorized based on their functionalities, that you shouldn’t want to miss out on for your startup/organization.

Here Are The Best Content Marketing Tools:

#1 Content Tracking Tools

Keeping a check on reality is highly crucial in today’s highly competitive market space. These tools help you track how well your site is performing by providing numerous key metrics.

  • BuzzSumo: Arguably, the single-most defining tool acting as an all-in-one repository is the BuzzSumo. The tool encompasses a wide range of features like Content Analyzer, Facebook Analyzer, Trending Topics, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Analysis, etc.
  • MonsterInsights: For sites that run seamlessly on WordPress, MonsterInsights can come in handy. You can generate KPI reports on your dashboard and take corrective actions accordingly. Key metrics like measuring traffic based on demographics, posts, etc., make MonsterInsights a ‘go-to’ tool for marketers.

#2 Social Media Tools

According to a recent report, an average Internet user has 8 social media accounts. With such a massive scope, you cannot take things for granted when it comes to Social media.

  • Buffer: Buffer is undeniably the highly recommended social media engagement tool for your organization. Right from scheduling your social media posts to tracking their performance periodically, Buffer helps you steer your Social Media Marketing campaign towards success.
  • Hootsuite: Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite is another popular tool that’s been in use for quite a few years now. Hootsuite’s analytics are detailed, systematic, and provides quality insights that match your strategy/plan.

#3 Email Marketing Tools

According to Statista, there were 3.9 billion active Email users in 2019. These numbers are projected to reach 4.3 billion by 2023. As a result, Email marketing campaigns remain a top priority among marketers across the world.

  • MailChimp: This tool is cross-platform compatible and includes numerous features to track your email marketing strategy from time to time. With metrics like open rate or clickthrough rate, the platform provides detailed insights in no time.
  • Sendinblue: Sendinblue is a great resource for startups who need to understand what their target audience is looking for when it comes to emails. Right from finding the right time to drop emails to categorizing the audiences based on their preferences, Sendinblue takes care of everything for you.

#4 Content Designing Tools

Visual appeal is the best way to capture the audiences’ attention, and you’ll need stunning designs for the same.

  • Canva: Access a wide range of design options, right from posters, infographics, images, etc., with Canva. Besides, your designers get to collaborate effortlessly, pitching their ideas concurrently.

#5 Competitor Analysis Tools

SEOs play an indispensable role in keeping you competitive. Speaking of SEOs, you need the right set of keywords at your disposal to rank high and perform better.

  • Ahrefs: Ahrefs is an ultra-modern tool that helps you analyze competitors, suggests quality keywords, enabling you to boost your content strategy accordingly.

Wrapping Up:

These are some of the best Content Marketing Tools that can help you achieve your goals by keeping quality in check. Although some of these tools involve paid services, they are worth every penny for their accurate and detailed reports.