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Increase your Website's Visibility by Performing Website Audits with these 5 Amazing SEO Audit Tools

A website audit is an all-inclusive and comprehensive analysis of each factor and element that can affect a specific website’s search engine visibility. This includes monitoring and interpreting user engagement, user experience, website traffic, functionality, and overall website performance.

Discrepancies or inaccuracies regarding any of these factors may result in lower rankings on search engine results, which can lead to significantly less organic user engagement. This can substantially affect your business’ brand visibility. 57% of marketers executives have stated that on-page website development was the most effective Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) tactic.

Therefore, website audits are an extremely vital aspect for any firm with an online presence. SEO website audits can help your business discover new potential revenue opportunities and understand how your online presence impacts your organization’s performance.

Best SEO Audit Tools for a Website Audit


Semrush is one of the most popular SEO website auditing tools available in the market today. It uses a variety of research tools to track popular SEO keywords, competitor performance, backlinks, and keywords that competitors use the most.

Furthermore, Semrush can be used to uncover competitor promotional strategies and thus create more effective advertising campaigns. Using this collected data, valuable analytic reports can be created using highly organized charts and graphs.

Semrush also has an automatic lead generation tool that can be used to create custom landing pages for online website visitors and convert them into qualified leads.


SpyFu is an extremely useful website auditing tool that can extensively monitor competitors’ digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Monitoring competitor performance and behavior can help businesses improve their promotional strategies and choice of SEO keywords.

SpyFu can provide valuable metrics such as the amount of organic reach certain keywords provide your website, monthly PPC clicks from SEO efforts and the percentage of organic inbound clicks as compared to paid advertising.

SpyFu also offers a dedicated tracking page, in which businesses can monitor changes in SEO performance over a specific period. Semrush also offers users customized progress reports that can further be integrated with other metric tracking tools.


Woorank is an extremely valuable website auditing tool that businesses can use to analyze their website’s performance. Woorank offers both SEO monitoring as well as Site Crawler tools. Woorank can not only analyze and create detailed reports regarding SEO, keyword performance, and backlinks; but can also detect broken links and broken web pages that can affect your website’s overall functionality and search engine rankings. Once it analyses the website, it provides several different recommendations and in-depth reviews for improving its website design.  

Furthermore, these reports can also be downloaded in exportable PDF formats, which means that businesses can refer to previous reports to track website development progress and easily share updates with the organization’s employees and stakeholders.


Raventools is an extremely popular website auditing choice for monitoring SEO performance and technical aspects of an enterprise’s website. After analyzing your website design and on-page SEO, Raventools can provide valuable suggestions to improve website loading speed, design, backlinks, and social media presence. A well-maintained social media presence audit can lead to increased online visibility and more qualified leads. 


Many SEO experts use Moz rankings to analyze the effectiveness of a website’s SEO efforts. Moz offers search engine ranking trackers, keyword explorers, open site explorers, on-page recommendations, and competition comparisons that can help refine and develop a business’s website. Furthermore, Moz offers research categories, valuable metric insights, and reporting capabilities that can make the website auditing process much easier than ever before.

Moz offers both free and pro versions of their software, depending on the size of the enterprise and which SEO metrics they want to track. 

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a website crawling tool that can be used to analyze your business’s entire website. It collects URLs from all over your website and conducts a detailed audit for your business in terms of outbound links, anchor text, security, broken links, and response time. Once it analyses your website, it then categorizes this data depending on which metrics your business wants to track.

Screaming Frog allows users to audit up to 500 URL links for free, which is extremely valuable for smaller businesses with less developed websites. 

Audit Your Business’ Website

Frequently auditing your business’s website has a variety of benefits that your organization should take advantage of; including improved website visibility, successful website development through effective competitor analysis, identification of potential web page issues or errors, and identification and implementation of current and future SEO trends.

Therefore, your business’s website should ideally be audited approximately two to three times a year so that your business can successfully gain organic online viewership without having to utilize large amounts of financial resources.