Top 7 Free Content Marketing Tools That Can Do Wonders
February 12, 2021 BlogContent Marketing 0 Comment

The Internet is filled with endless possibilities. Gone are the days when people needed to spend heftily on their projects/startups. Today, digitization is taking money out of the equation. As an entrepreneur, all you need is a groundbreaking concept, and a burning desire to achieve success, as there are numerous free content marketing tools to help you down the lane.

The ‘free’ concept that initially spun webs in the form of ‘free trials’ gradually paved the way for lifetime free access with the introduction of smartphone & web applications. Today, right from Facebook to Quora, top tools are either entirely free or operate under the freemium model.

Are you struggling to dedicate a fixed sum of your expenses towards Content Marketing tools? Do not worry. By the end of this blog, you’ll gain access to the top 7 free tools that can help you align your business aspirations to that of reality.

Content Marketing Tools For Growth:

#1 Trello

Managing a team isn’t a mammoth task anymore as Trello helps you organize and collaborate with different members of your team in a single place. Workflow management is an extremely critical component that can differentiate the best from the rest. This way, by keeping an eye on different activities, you get to make corrective actions with your team as and when possible.

#2 Ubersuggest

Need high-quality keywords for your piece of content without spending a penny on Keyword research sites like Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc.? Well, here’s Ubersuggest, which can give you the most-optimized keyword research ideas along with its search volume. This way, you get to identify your top competitors and work extensively in outplaying them without any hassle. As the icing to the cake, Ubersuggest provides keywords based on demographics as well.

#3 Hubspot’s blog topic generator

You needn’t worry about running out of ideas any more as Hubspot’s blog topic generator provides you with user-friendly topics that can come in handy. All you need to do is enter three nouns, and the generator provides you topics in no time. Besides, with catchy titles, you get to rank higher on search results, enhancing your organic traffic substantially.

#4 Make My Persona

Many a time, startups do not visualize their end-users in mind while developing content, paving the way for a gradual decline in outreach. To orchestrate proceedings better, you can leverage the Make My Persona tool. All you need to do is answer a few questions, and voila, you’ll have a clear picture of your buyer persona in front of you. Besides, you get to share the generated PDFs with your entire team in a flash, leading to better clarity in approach.

#5 Grammarly

Shield your content for Spellings and Grammar errors with the all-in-one Grammarly tool. With Grammarly, you get to adjust the tone of your content piece according to the audience. Besides, the tool precisely points out grammatical errors and points out mistakes. As an added advantage, you can add Grammarly plugin to Chrome, thereby protecting your writing wherever you intend to write.

#6 Pixabay

Nowadays, blog pieces without appealing visual images fail to create an impact on the audience. Pixabay is one unique tool that can provide you with 4K High-definition images absolutely free-of-cost. With royalty-free images, you get to enhance the quality of your content and engage the audience in a more lively manner.

#7 Quora

Arguably, the world’s largest Q&A platform, Quora can be the right site for you if you wish to generate more ideas on your topics. You get to know your customer mind-set, elevate your credibility by answering relevant questions, and gain access to new topics without any cost.


With so many tools at your disposal, do not hesitate to make the best use of them. These free content marketing tools can help you reach one step closer to your dream and achieve your goals hassle-free.