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5 Brilliant Practices to Increase your SEO Rankings

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content per day. As businesses become increasingly technologically focused, content marketing is becoming more and more crucial for the success of modern organizations. Content can help a business increase its organic website user traffic, the number of prospective leads, and brand awareness. Content can further convert prospective leads to loyal customers; thus increasing sales and overall revenue.

Search engines crawl websites for valuable content in order to determine whether or not your website is relevant and accurate to user search queries. By providing quality content, you can not only increase your website’s rankings on organic search results; but you can also encourage viewers to engage with your business and subsequently develop trust in your brand.

Content is one of the key aspects of effective and efficient Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) marketing. Research shows that 57% of marketing executives stated that on-page content development was the most effective SEO marketing strategy. There are numerous ways in which creating content on your business’s website can enhance SEO marketing.

How Content Improves SEO Rankings:

1) Relevant Keywords

After your business has decided the keywords it wishes to use, creating optimized content with the specified relevant keywords can help improve your website’s rankings on organic search engine results. Creating high-quality and accurate content allows search engine crawlers to recognize that your website’s content is relevant to search engine queries, and will therefore rank your website higher in organic search engine results.

This will help your business target audiences that are relevant to your industry and the products and services you offer.

2) Higher Domain Authority

Domain Authority is defined as a measure of a piece of content’s relevance to a specific search query. Writing consistent, high-quality content can help your website gain inbound links from external sources. A significant number of links can help your website increase its domain authority, which will further help your website rank higher on search engine results.

Search engines take into account multiple different factors such as backlinks, existing user traffic volume, and the quality of on-page content and assign each website a domain authority score; which substantially impacts website visibility.

Therefore, the more content your business produces, the more inbound links your website can produce, and the more organic user traffic your website will receive.  

3) Traffic Through Guest Content

75% of businesses outsource their website’s content marketing requirements. Although creating content for your business’s website is an extremely valuable and beneficial strategy for increasing visibility, contributing to authoritative external sources as a guest publisher can significantly increase your website’s SEO.

When you publish content on external sources with high traffic, you will receive the opportunity to link back to your business’s website, which will help increase the volume of referral traffic your website receives. Furthermore, when your business publishes content on websites within the same industry with a similar target audience, you can gain instant exposure to your company’s target demographic.

4) Brand Reputation

By creating content that provides immense value to viewers, you can show your business’s current and prospective customers that you can be trusted. Viewers often share content that they find informative and accurate on their social media pages, which can help increase your business’s reach and overall reputation.

Once a larger volume of people is directed towards your website, search engine crawlers will detect the increased user traffic volume from social media platforms and begin to rank your content higher on organic search engine results that are relevant to search queries.

5) Larger Volume of On-Site Content

Search engine crawlers not only monitor the amount of traffic volume your website receives, but also the amount of time each viewer spends on your website. The longer a viewer spends on your website, the higher the perceived quality of your website. However, if your website has a very high bounce rate, this is typically an indication to search engine crawlers that your website is inaccurate or not relevant to search engine queries.

By prioritizing consistent content creation, you will be able to produce more relevant content for your website. This means that viewers will have more opportunities to spend more time on your website; which will help increase your website’s SEO. Furthermore, the more high-quality content available on your website, the more customers will be able to view your business as a trustworthy source of information. This can then lead to higher conversion rates, search engine rankings, and exposure.

Enhance Your SEO Rankings With Content

61% of B2B marketers stated that SEO marketing and organic search engine traffic generate more sales leads than any other marketing strategy. There is a multitude of potential opportunities to optimize a website’s SEO marketing using content creation. A comprehensive and holistic content marketing plan can help organizations gain a significant competitive advantage over other businesses in terms of search engine rankings, keywords, and domain authority.